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Rolls-Royce is changing the story. He works on the fastest electric plane

Rolls-Royce announced on Wednesday that it was famous for producing luxury cars for the upper layers and for the production of jet engines that propel world-class airplanes to work on their own plane. But it will not be a luxury flying palace. In fact, it will be a relatively small plane, but it will be a breakthrough in the fact that power will supply the engine with electricity instead of aviation fuel. The information was brought to the portal of Futurism.

According to Rolls-Royce's own announcement, this concept was designed to meet the efforts of the English government to accelerate the electrification of the airline behind Accele. But let's see the machine itself, which should contribute to the change of flight as we know it today.

World records are not essential

The fact that the aircraft is on the ground and reaches a maximum speed of 337 km / h will provide a triple of high performance electric motors that together can produce 90% of energy efficiency above 500 horsepower. A triple of motors must provide sufficient electrical power to a battery that contains a total of 6,000 small lithium batteries. With that battery density, a plane must conveniently handle a flight from London to Paris.

"This plane will be driven by the only electrical system and the strongest battery that occurs during the flight." The Rolls-Royce project manager informed in a statement. This year, several tests and the first major flight scheduled for next year should be carried out.

You can not get Rolls-Royce recognition. This machine must become a model so that the company acquires important knowledge. Consequently, this knowledge is transformed into the development of an even better electric plane of the future. Air transport is one of the largest environmental pollutants. Efforts to electrify to fly are, therefore, a logical step in the way of protecting the environment.

The automobile and the aerial transport probably are undergoing great changes throughout the years. Electricity can now be produced in a totally pure way thanks to solar panels and wind generators. Combined with traffic electrification, this can be a great step towards a cleaner planet.


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