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Salaries in Slovakia grew in September

Employees grew nominal and real wages.

November 9, 2018 at 10:19 a.m. TASR

Bratislava. In Slovakia, in September this year, nominal and real wages increased.

They have increased in several sectors. This is from Friday's data published by the Statistics Office.

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The nominal monthly average salary increased by 11.6% in September, 9% in restaurant and hotel business activities, in information and communication activities, 9.2%, in selected market services by 7%.

It also grew in retail trade, 6.7 percent, in wholesale trade rose 5.9 percent, in housing 5.4 percent, in industry 5.2 percent, in construction 5.2 Percentage, transportation and storage by 4.7 percent, and sales and repair of motor vehicles by 1.7 percent.

The real average real wage has grown in similar sectors.

The year-on-year increase of restaurants and lodging activities was 8.9 percent, in information and communication activities 6.4 percent, in market services selected 4.2 percent, retail trade by 4 percent, 3.2 percent wholesale, housing 2.7 percent, industry and construction 2.4 percent, transportation and storage 1.9 percent.

Decreased only in the sale and repair of motor vehicles, by one percentage point.

Salaries have also grown in other sectors

In nine months of this year, salaries grew 9.8 percent in information and communication activities, when they reached 1873 euros, in restaurants and lodging activities at 8.6 percent to 466 euros, in a 8.1 percent accommodation one hundred to 721 euros.

Wages in the industry grew 7 percent to 1089 euros, in wholesale trade increased 6.9 percent to 951 euros, in retail trade 6.7 percent to 715 euros, in construction increased by 6.2 percent One hundred to 698 euros, in the selected market services from 5.6 percent to 934 euros, transportation and storage at 5 percent to 940 euros and sales and repair of motor vehicles 2.7 percent to 985 euros.

The real monthly salary grew 7% year-on-year in information and communication activities, restaurants and lodging activities by 6%, houses 5.5%, industry and wholesale in 4.3%, retail trade by 4.1%, construction of 3, 5 percent, market services selected at 2.9 percent, transportation and storage 2.3 percent and sales and repair of motor vehicles by 0.1 percent.

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