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Scientists are 99.99 percent sure that climate change is caused by people

Climate science celebrates its 40th anniversary since its inception and this jubilee was launched by the report "Charney Report", which tells people's footprints about climate change.

At present, we can find a variety of interpretations that say that Human activity on climate change is minimal (Editor's Note: One of the most shocking opponents of the adverse impacts of human action on climate change is also present-day US President Donald Trump). They argue that the planet is simply warming up, and that contributes to more intense meteorological changes. Nand the last report These claims, however, contradict e of just about thatPeople's activities and their "love" to fossil fuels cause negative impacts.

Scientists are the last ones They examined the 3 largest data sets of files used in the field of climate research. It turned out that two of these sets reached their "gold standard" (note from the editor: says there is only a slight chance of 1: 1000000 that the ongoing climate change has nothing to do with humanity) still in 2005. The third break took place in 2016.

Principal investigator at
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Benjamin Santer, said:

"… We do not know the causes that cause climate change. We know them."

This degree of certainty, which is very unusual in the scientific world, says that Mankind almost 100 percent surely leaves behind negative traces. Finally, the analysis states that:

"Humanity can not afford to ignore such signs …"

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