Tuesday , June 22 2021

Students have developed an application to improve the learning process

Photo illustration Photo: TASR – Marko Erd

Bratislava, November 10 (TASR) – The first year of hackatonic fineness in Slovakia focused on new technologies, the creation of applications for users and the blocking. Participants also participated, as well as programmers and marketing specialists and students who developed an application to improve the learning process.

"The goal of the marathon was to attract local experts in financial and marketing technology, to support local talents and make this issue more aware." It was approached by Roman Kučera of 01 people, who participated in the organization of the event.

This consists of students of nine years has devised an application to make notes in digital form. The students also created a platform to express themselves as intimidating. According to the organizers, the platform is built on a base that is not far from the basic principles of the block chain. The jury among the most appreciated of the project of transferring money from abroad to Pakistan, which would save millions of euros.

The October 01 Hackathon, together with Forbes magazine, organized the 01FintechHouse, the core of the creator is composed of a team of 01People specialists. The area of ​​new financial technologies or chain blocks, according to them, does not include many companies in Slovakia. The role of hackathon participants was to find real cases of usability of the OneGram digital currency in practice.

Source: Teraz.sk, the news portal of the TASR

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