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National Council of the Slovak Republic.

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If parliamentary elections were held in October, they would win their Smer-SD with a gain of 26 percent. The second would end with SaS, who would choose 14.7 percent of the respondents and the third vote with 9.9 percent of the votes. This comes from the electoral model developed by Median SK.

The fourth would end with the CIS, whose vote would be 8.8 percent
the fifth movement We are a family with a gain of 8.1 percent, six KDH
(7.3 percent). The last match to reach Parliament would be
According to the survey, it was LSNS (7.2 percent).

SMK (4.8 percent), Civic Democracy (4.8 percent), Most-Hid
(4.5 percent), progressive Slovakia (2.1 percent) would be out
House. Another party would choose two percent of the respondents.

The participation in the hypothetical elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic is announced by
survey of 58 percent of respondents.

The survey was conducted by Median SK without a representative in a representative
a sample of 970 respondents from October 2 to November 3. more
to give the data collected by the method of personal interviews, part of the data obtained in such a way
Respondents completed the web questionnaire separately.

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