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The boss Tesla Elon Musk was renamed Tusk. Twitters – Economy – News

Tesla Elon Musk, head of the automaker, changed the display name to Elon Tusk on Twitter and promised to release new news from his company focused on electric cars this week. This was reported by Reuters.

The name of Elton Tusk now appears on the Twitter account of Musket. Page
It has 25 million followers. Musk changed his account name after he was a US citizen
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused of scorn of the court.

The Change Commission says that Musk has violated the recent administration of Twitters
last year's liquidation agreement. Musk under the agreement
he promised not to publish information with potential impact on Twitters
in the stock market, unless you get approval from Tesla's principal attorney. by
The commission violated this commitment last week when it published a tweet
on the estimated volume of Tesla's production this year.

The boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, renamed his ...

The boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, renamed hers
Twitter account, called Tusk.
Author: Elon Tusk (@elonmusk)
· Twitter

Musk last August surprised the financial markets when it was on their twitter
the account has written that it is considering downloading Tesla and downloading its actions
of public commerce. He added that he secured his intention
financing and which would offer a significantly higher amount than the company's shares
market value Later, however, he said that with potential
Investors are still trading and an agreement has not yet been reached.

Subsequently, the Commission on Changes submitted a claim that stated that the statement
The acquisition of Tesla and the withdrawal of stocks from the stock market did not have a real base, it was already
False and deceptive, led to chaos in the stock market and damaged
investments Shortly afterwards, the commission with Tesla and Musk agreed to settle

Tesla and Musk each had to pay 20 million dollars and Musk was extra
Another forced to assume that he will resign for at least three years
President of the Tesla Board. But the Executive Director could stay.

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