Saturday , April 17 2021

The bridge is worse than SMK and would not reach Parliament

Steering continues to grow. In surveys, it is almost as high as the 2016 elections.

The Coalition, whose preferences declined around 20 percent this spring, began to grow slowly this fall. In the elections, the party already reaches almost the percent that won in the elections in 2016.

According to a survey conducted by Median SK, which was conducted on a sample of 970 respondents from October 2 to November 3, Smer would vote for 26% of respondents. In the parliamentary elections, Robert Fico received 28.3 percent.

The second strongest game would be SaS with a gain of 14.7 percent. The following is the OPEN Movement with 9.9 percent, the SNS with 8.8 percent and We are a family with 8.1 percent.

Extraordinary KDH, which would vote for 7.3% of respondents, would also reach the National Council. The last party whose deputies would settle in the parliamentary papers would be the LSNS of Kotleb with a benefit of 7.2 percent.

Surprise is also the result of the Most-Hid coalition party, which in the survey had a worse outcome than the competitive SMK. Although the majority would vote 4.5 percent, the SMK ended with 4.8 percent.

Just behind the gates of Parliament, the Spolu Party stood at 4.8 percent. Progressive Slovakia earned 2.1 percent.

The participation in the elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic would reach 58 percent.

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