Friday , June 18 2021

The church pressed near the detour of Bratislava near the island of Žitný

Archbishop Zvolensky sent a letter to Ivanka on the Danube.

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Bratislava. The church was also pressured by the gravel crop on the island of Zittau.

The president of the Bishops' Conference in Slovakia, Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský urged Ivanka to the Danube. They refused to approve the change of the municipal plan.

Informed about the journal N.

The land plan has changed

"We allow you to confirm our interest in discussing and approving the submitted proposal to change part of the municipal plan," wrote Zvolenský in a letter.

The church has many lands in the area. The head of the call of the bishops apparently needed to reconsider the decision of the Public Prosecutor.

The deputy mayor of the municipality of Ivan Schreiner, Magdalen Holcinger, reported that they changed the ground plan.

Criminal notice and police intervention

Several places where the gravel pit and the ground below the new road are located are directly in the protected area of ​​the island of Zittau.

Ivanka pri Dunaji is not directly in the protected area, but only a few miles away.

The opposition SaS has already indicated the suspicions about gravel extraction and a threat to the source of drinking water in this area.

According to him, there are suspicions that several companies that work for the state are taking gravel in an illegal way.

His deputy Anna Zeman also filed a criminal complaint.

The police also intervened in October at the beginning of October. 26 people detained the action, but have not yet been charged.

Interference must be related to the export of hazardous waste to the landfill under the D4 derivation.

Suggestions for the use of hazardous construction materials in the construction of D4 and R7 refer to the alleged export of contaminated soil from the Nivi of Bratislava to the section of the building around the Danube Biskupice and Ivanka on the Danube.

Suspicion is also about the use of hazardous construction materials and construction waste during the construction of a bypass around Jarovsky's shoulder.

In both cases, the Environmental and Police Inspection has already acted. In July of this year, the police initiated the criminal prosecution in the matter of illegal waste management in relation to the construction.

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