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Pohled z útrobu na akademii DAC Dunajská Streda.


A participant of the highest competition of Slovak football FC DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda opened his youth academy MOL Football Academy on Friday.

It offers ten regular ponds, seven of them with natural grass,
of which two are heated. Three patios with artificial grass, complexes
There are three special children's playgrounds.

The lawns occupy ten hectares of the total area of ​​the Academy of Eighteen
hectares "When we talk about building 3.5 years ago
Academy, few believed. Today we have one of the most modern academies
Slovakia and we should not be ashamed even in the Central European region, "he said
journalist Oszar Világi at a press conference.

The cost of MOL Football Academy amounted to 14 million euros. Slovak
The Football Association (SFZ) contributed 500,000 euros, the Football Association of Hungary
(MLSZ) 2 million 100 million forints (about 6.5 million euros), 300 million
Forintov (approximately 1 million euros) comes from the Bethlen Gábor Foundation. DAC this
he shared 6 million euros, 3 were the club's contribution and the other half
of the loan:

"When we decided to build such an academy, we wanted to do it
budget We estimate two million less and we count how much
We can provide our own resources. We had two options, too
Do something smaller, worse, another, or do what we want –
create a academy at European level. I started searching for SFZ resources
We could not offer much, we looked for the Hungarian side for us
he helped "

View of the main building of the Academy. "Date-original ="

View of the main building

Author: DAC Dunajská Streda

In Dunajská Streda they also finish their work in the main stage
a budget of 29 million euros, and the financial club as well as an academy
from different sources. They will be handed over to the meeting on February 16th
19th round of the Fortune League with ŠK Slovan Bratislava.

"One of the buildings of the Academy will have the A-Team base
the infrastructure that a club needs, its spirit is composed of players, trainers,
employees and followers. The mission of the academy is to educate the players
international soccer We made the first step, now it's important
Daily work has led to the success we expect, "he added

At the moment the DAC registers an average of 7500 spectators and waits
its increase in the superstructure FL.

The youth sports advisor, Krisztian Németh commends the cooperation
with the coach of A-team Petrom Hyball.

"The philosophy of the club is clear, we want to play with young people,
talented and ambitious soccer players. The current average is now
22 years, we want to be in the future in the team.
Today he is training six, seven nineteen players. Hyballa trainer
preparing them to take a small step. I'm proud,
that our region has such a beautiful area. It predetermines that the goals must
Up to as high as the master built this academy in the world
level The ambitions must be the highest, the academy must be a driving force
in the future, to do the best, "said Németh.

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