Saturday , April 17 2021

The Martin Traveler Festival proved to be excellent

On Saturday, November 10, late at night, VIII. Year of the four-day event entitled Non Borders – Traveler's Festival. The different parts of the activities were carried out in several places, which were given to the personage of individual holidays.

The event itself has traditionally brought diverse interesting topics focused on the diversity of cultures, but also on admirable activities in mountaineering or expeditionary tourism, but in particular has raised various issues on human rights issues.

The preparation and organization of the festival was provided by the Turciano Cultural Center of Martin in the founding zone of the Autonomous Region of Žilina, Traveling Travel Club of Martin and the Slovak National Museum in Martin.

The organizers of this interesting event have tried to create a space to understand the cultural and social differences of the world, thus reducing the level of prejudices and intolerances, which is so important nowadays. At the same time, the individual activities of the event support the activity of the photographic public. He could be active in particular in the FEST PHOTO COMPETITION contest, but also in photographic debates during the exhibitions and the excellent presentation of photographer Robert Tappert.

For four days, Visitors of the Borderless – Traveler Festival can watch presentations and films not only of domestic presenters, but also from neighboring Czech Republic, represented by Markéta Kutilová in the Middle East, as well as Miroslav Černý, who presented the topic of fading languages.

Katarina Hanzelyová and Altyna z Altajá přiblížili život v testo krásné, ale hrubé části světa. We are very excited to welcome Janka Čavojska or Svetozara Krna, who was the only presenting participant in all of our festivals.

The festive program has enriched the exhibition of contests and themed spectacles of photographs that capture people in different life situations. The added value was the non-traditional installation of these exhibitions. They were located in the Strojár cinema installations and also in the Martinské castle.

During the festival, the blocks for the presentations of the students of the Bridges of Culture III project, supported by the Arts Support Fund, have been defined for the third time. Thanks to them, until the act the presentations of the most interesting students were celebrated, that could be listened to by the students of the primary school and the public in general.

These could be done thanks to the support of the teachers of the schools involved in the project.
The good atmosphere of the festival was reinforced by David Bolek's performance. Vrútok's explorers attended the game and the competition.

The Borderless project was supported by the public funds provided by the Arts Support Fund and implemented with the financial contribution of Mesta Martin.

We thank all those who were involved in organizing the event this year, as well as those who created a really good atmosphere at the festival. We are now looking forward to the next year of the 2019 Border Festival.

Mgr. Radoslav Pančík
Methodist of art, photography, cinema and education
Turčianske kultúrne stredisko v Martine
contact: Divadelná 656/3, 036 01 Martin
mobile: 0917 / 494.708
tel: 043/4132394


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