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The power plants increased the seismic resistance of the second block

The nuclear block at Mochovce's nuclear power station is a little safer.

November 6, 2018 at 1:10 SITA

BRATISLAVA, MOCHOVCE. The Slovakian power stations have concluded the prolonged extinction of the nuclear block due to its allocation to the electrical network, among other things, increasing the seismic resistance of the nuclear block.

"We have completed all transport activities and planned investment projects. The most important was the increase of seismic resistance of the block and the modernization of security systems," said Labor Director Róbert Verbovský.
The power plants partially replaced the nuclear fuel used for the new ones. All the active zone and the reactors in the interior of the reactor exhausted and realized a non-destructive control of the reactor pressure vessel.

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"Part of the prolonged inactivity time was also the force voltage test of the primary circuit at the block stop and the tightness test of the sealed area at the beginning of the block," added Verbovský.
The rest lasted 46 days and was the last in the general closure plan this year. "The length of the extended general court is more than double compared to the usual," Verbovsky said.

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