Wednesday , May 12 2021

There was a man's life on the train track

The man died near the Bratislava railway station – Vinohrady.

The life of an unknown man left shortly after 16.30 on the first track near the Bratislava train station – Vinohrady in the direction of Senca. Despite the immediate use of a high-speed brake, the driver could no longer avoid collision. The driver's breath test caused the use of alcoholic beverages.

The doctor in mind confirmed the cause of death: devastating injuries incompatible with life. An officer in charge of the Department of Railway Police of the Regional Office of the Bratislava Police Force, in this regard, has initiated criminal prosecution in the cause of the homicide crime. The other circumstances of the case are currently under investigation.

TASR informed Lucia Mihalíková of the Regional Office of the Bratislava Police Force.

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