Saturday , April 17 2021

They also accused the famous Stephen Agha de Kočner

Ágh and Kočner are in several cases.

The police today published new information on the development of cases involving the Marián Kočner sailor: "We can confirm that, at the request of the investigator, expert opinions have been prepared confirming that signatures on the accounts were not made on June 11, 2000" .

In addition to the change, the police officers also reported to the third of the accusations. This is according to the information of Diario N Štefan Ágh.

The man with the surname Algh appeared with Kočner in several cases. Already in the Gamatex case of the decade of 1990, the co-owners tried to dominate the television of Markíza.

Now Kocner and Ágh appear in the case of invoices where, with the help of Paul Rusk, he has been able to pay billions of euros in court. Some of the accounts were also exposed to Agha. Police accused him of guilty of being falsified.

Marian Kocner's translations of her Russian and TV Markiza business should be issued to Russia on June 11, 2000. The spokesman, however, found that Russia had signed exchange portfolios until at least 13 years later.

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