Sunday , April 11 2021

Two new parties would come to parliament

The current coalition, according to the results of the vote, could not constitute the majority in the parliament.

Poor drop in management, stagnation of most parliamentary parties, increase in KDH, but also two new issues in the National Council. All this was shown by the latest Focus poll on the preferences of political parties.

With 20.9 percent, Direction continues to be the leader of the ladder. Compared with the September survey, however, it suffered almost three percentage points.

The second strongest is the SaS opposition, which won 12% support in November, 1.5 percent less than in September.

Extremist LSNs with 9.8 percent, Olano with 9.5 percent and Sme Familia with 8.1 percent remained almost at the same level as in the beginning of autumn.

The second-largest coalition party of the CIS, with an eight per cent profit, fell by more than one percent throughout September.

KDH would choose 7.7 percent of respondents in November, which means a two percent increase. Focus, according to Focus, Coalition Most-Hid will also hold a 5.9 percent stake in potential voters.

Surprisingly, the new parties are cooperative and progressive in Slovakia. Both subjects investigated for the first time to cross the limit of five percent necessary to enter the parliament.

The progressives would support 5.3 percent of respondents, and together they will earn five percent of the votes.

Based on the results of the survey, the three-party Smer, SNS and Most-Híd would not have enough votes in parliament. In general, only 57 members of the National Council would have results. Most of them need at least 76 lawmakers.

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