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Updated: Nationalists defend Danka, personal responsibility only towards the family and criticize Bugar's essay

  • updated on November 16 at 17:32

BRATISLAVA, November 16 ( – President of the Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko has personal responsibility only for his family, SNS deputies, SNS members and voters. Confidence or mistrust over your person is only decided by SNS and voters.

No one else has the right to express such statements, so the chairman of SNS deputies Tibor Bernajak responded to the four-day invitation of Prime Minister Mosta-Hid Béla Bugar to assume the personal responsibility of the CEI president.

The objectivity of President Most-Hid

As the SITA informed the director of the office of SNS President Andreja Danka, Zuzana Škopcová, Berniakov also finds no decision with which Danko is the president of the coalition.

"If Mr Bugar and Most-Hide want to be targets, we expect so many public challenges in relation to the SR president. This, unlike Mr Danko, has already been the subject of a judicial decision on illegal conduct,"He added.

The SNS group also surprised the way in which Mr. Bugar communicated with the CEI president. "After three years, we have seen the president of the CEI, the coalition's partner who has always kept him, only Esemesku, and we find him unrealistic during the difficult negotiations of V4 with France and Germany, calling him personal responsibility. the Coalition Council, because without the confidence in the coalition, the State can not work and manage " Bernadak said, adding that if Most-Hid thinks that this coalition and the government have no future, they can show it by voting on the confidence of the coalition's partner. The president of the SNS Group, as well as all members of the Slovak National Party, are the CEO of Andrej Dank.

"The president of the Most-Hid party, after several unsuccessful attempts at a telephone conversation with Mr. Dank, chose another way to communicate to inform his coalition partner about the party's position." The Most-Hid party is reacting to criticisms of how Béla Bugár, president of the party, contacted Andrej Danko, a spokesman for the Parliament.

Extraordinary meetings of Parliament

The opposition has already begun to gather signatures in the extraordinary meeting of Parliament with one single point: the voice of distrust of President Andrei Danko.

This was confirmed by the spokesman for Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) Róbert Buček that SaS is convinced that Danko has nothing to do with the second highest constitutional official of the Slovak Republic. "Mr. Danko must be inspired by many examples from abroad and show at least some elementary political culture." Buček said.

On Thursday night, Danko spoke to the media and said that his party would support the opening of the meeting and that he would also ask other coalition partners. The opposition has already tried to withdraw the opposition, but the coalition did not support the program of meetings, which has not even occurred.

Now Danko wants the meeting to be re-confident. She sees that trust is also shaken in the coalition, but without it she can not work.

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