Friday , May 14 2021

You have not explored cars without permission. He opened his illegal store just in front of the house

From December 2017 until July 2018, a man of forty-one years bought 13 old cars, which then dismantled. But they were considered hazardous waste. But the man did not stop and decided to exchange with them. You have not received the consent of the competent Environmental Authority. "After the purchase, he took them and stored them in the land of one of the family houses in the village of Drahnov in Michalovsky district." He informed the police in his place. He even placed a plate in front of the house to attract potential buyers of parts.

Researcher PZ In the Grand Capuchin, he accused the man of having to deal with the unauthorized management of the waste and the cause of the unauthorized business. Behind him in case of fault of up to 2 years.

Companies with stolen cars are increasingly widespread. It also applies to its parts. How does this business work ?:


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