Wednesday , May 12 2021

Zvolen decided his victory in the first third

Goalkeeper Fucik scored the premiere as a bad dream.

MsHK Žilina – HKM Zvolen 1: 5 (0: 4, 0: 1, 1: 0)

goals: 49. Ručkay J. (Síkela) – 1. Vandas (Špirko), 10. Zuzin, 14. Špirko (Vandas), 20. Michal Chovan (Zuzin), 23. Kytnár (Michal Chovan). Stano P., Hoppe – Excursion, Tvrdoň J., 519 spectators. Exclusion: 5: 7.

MSHK ŽILINA: Fučík (from the third third of Mikoláš) – Kucny, Piegl, Jankovič, Bagin, Pastor, Matejka, Dubeň, Hudec – Balej, Podešva, Barta – Huna Ru. Hrazdíra

HKM ZVOLEN: Tomek – Vandane, Pufahl, Růžička, Zeleňák, Drgon, Ulrych, Poyhonen – Vandas, Špirko, Handlovsky – Šišovský, Lušňák, Obdržálek – Zuzin, Kytnár, Michal Chovan – Halama P., Halama M., Petráš.

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Tomas Fucik, who was replaced by Horčička in Žilina, finished the opening in Žilinský dres. For a native of Třebíč 24-year-old, he opens in a Slovak competition. Last season, Fucik, who has the cane on his left hand, worked with GKS Jastrzebie, where he scored 94% of success in 20 games. Another 24-year-old rookie in Zilina's shirt is Marek Hudec, who comes from Dukla de Trencin. A defensive player with a weight of 187 centimeters in height and 87 kilograms has 13 games in which he gave an assistant. At the table of truth, he picked up another point.

The exit balls won the guests of Zvolen and immediately after the first shot they took the lead when Fucik beat Vandas. As soon as he went to the criminal bank Jenčík, he also received a penalty of 10 minutes. Volunteers took pressure but did not add another goal. After a few minutes of play, Ruuklovsky managed to kick, but did not fail to focus on Fucik. In the middle of the first fact, there was a school misunderstanding between Balaj and Pieglom just before Fucik. Puk got ahead of Zuzin and the shot from the first one did not give Fucik an opportunity – 0: 2. The winners had the possibility of a short two-player move, which they took advantage of when pushing Spirko. Twenty seconds before the end of the first third, Chovan was very liberated, which ended the destruction of the wolves in the first part of the game and scored a goal in the competition. At the end of the first part of the game, Mikoláš began to work on ice.

Mikolas also took part in the game when he replaced Fucik. The soulless performance of the wolves continued in the second part of the game. The second hundred goals from HKM this season was kicked by Kytnár, who was so well received Mikoláš in goal with a goal kick – 5: 0. The first goal of the wolves could be recorded by the members of the fourth formation of Zilina, but Tomek remained unbeaten . Mikoláš continued to be permanently. In the middle of the game, Bala Bala lost his record, but the guests did not play perfectly. In the 34th minute of the defense, Zvolen was defeated by Ruckay, who was arrested illegally and ordered to shoot. Ručkay, however, led an incursion like the wolves' performance at the meeting. Puck lost it and did not put Tomek in danger. Subsequently, the attempt was made to build the reception door of Žilina. At the end of the third, he moved very well on the left side of Huna, but did not find a recipe for Tomek.

The honorable success of the wolves could be registered in the third third of Huna, but did not need the right position. The pace of the game in the third third was really low. In the third third of the public, Jakub Ručkay was satisfied with the audience, surprised by Tomek by surprise. The voters encouraged and Tomek was more at all times. Eight minutes before the end, Šišovský was released, who tried Bluel Mikoláš, but did not allow him to score. Thus, the wolves remain in the lap of the league table.

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