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A new device that can detect cancer in the ovaries already with a drop of blood

For some types of cancer, it is especially characteristic that they are often discovered later, which reduces the possibility of a successful treatment. For example, one of these species ovarian cancer. In this way, scientists have tried to discover a simple and reliable method to detect these types of cancer in which the diagnosis is usually quite late. Researchers working in various scientific institutions in Kansas joined forces and could discover an extremely innovative tool. With this help, it should be possible to detect cancer in a single drop of blood.

The device is based on the use of very small particles produced in our cells

The device, developed by the team that took it Yong Zeng, Professor of chemistry, should work based on the "filtration" of exosomes or microwaves – very small particles formed by certain cells. In recent years, these particles have a high interest for scientists. It has been found that exosomes send messages to cells and transmit relevant molecular information for many biological functions. In the case of cancer, the exosomes contain biological information that can guide the growth and spread of tumors. Although all human cells form exosomes, cancer cells are usually especially active compared to healthy cells.

Detection of blood from a blood test

A gadget that can also be used to detect others

A new device that could be very important in the future for the detection of types of cancer, which is more difficult to detect, takes exosomes to the chip, where the analysis is carried out. The effectiveness of the device has already been proven by researchers on samples taken from patients with ovarian cancer. It turned out that the device can actually detect cancer in the least amount of blood or in a very small amount of blood plasma. Researchers are now striving for laboratory tests of the device to be updated to clinics. The device could also be useful for the early detection of other types of cancer, not just ovarian cancer. Opportunities for use in other diseases are also being opened.

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