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Benedejčič overcame the image of Slovenia, which rescues the skin in Stožice

The Slovenian soccer team will now face the weakened squad and the new coach (temporary) Igor Benedejčič for the first time in the League of Nations. In the fifth round, in Stožice, at 20.45, Norway will lead the lead and the captain will be the first to use Benjamin Verbič. The afternoon Derby will take place in Rotterdam between the Netherlands and France, while Europe still has the dramatic victory of Croatia in Spain.

Preliminary position of the Slovenian national team for the encounter with Norway:

In the eleven games, Vid Belec, Nejc Skubic, Aljaž Struna, Rajko Rotman, Amir Dervišević, Andraž Šporar, Miha Zajc, Andraž Struna, Domen Črnigoj, Miha Mevlja and Benjamin Verbič will begin their debut.

Slovenia will become weaker today because they will lack Jan Oblak ("agreement" with the SNS), Josip Iličić (punishment), Kevin Kampl (representative letter), Bojan Jokic, Rene Krhin (injury) e Jasmin Kurtić (return after injury), tried to cross the plans of Norway. The match in Stožice will start at 20.45 and will debut at the coach's chair Igor Benedejčič. Will use the captain's tape for the first time Benjamin Verbič.

Training on Slovenian soccer team Stožice


Slovenia has a new captain and a new wounded #video




Benjamin Verbič


Does the captain's tape help fans to remember who in fact is?




Milivoje Novaković


If we take into account the figures, Slovenia does not expect anything good

The line selected by Slovenia is waiting for Monday in Bulgaria. She threatens to enter Division D, so it will score six points in the last two games. He can also fail if he was the worst of the third place teams in the four groups of the C league.



These are the most fearsome football stadiums in the world




At night of the night, in League A, the Netherlands and France will be beaten in play-off. Dessert will be held in one of the most noisy stadiums in the world, in De Kuip in Rotterdam.

Even a great victory in Croatia

The League of Nations won nine duels on Thursday, among which most attention was given to the battle between Croatia and Spain. For the first time after the historic dispute in Russia, the Kicksters played in their house before the complete stands. A strong red fury came to Maksimir. The spectators could enjoy on all occasions during 90 minutes, whereas in the extra time of the judge of the infart it was the victory in the Croatia.



After a great victory, the Croatian star despised Spanco with anger

Maksimir impressed for the first time in 54 minutes Andrej Kramarić, but only two minutes later he equalized the other side Daniel Ceballos. In the 69th minute, the Croatians returned to the fullest Tin Jedvaj. At 2: 2, scored a penalty in the 78th minute Sergio Ramos. The final result of 3: 2 in minute 93 was marked by the Croatian from the sleeve of Jedvaj, that marked the second time. World champions can still fall despite winning, they lose in Wembley.

Goal of Jedva win Croatia:

Photo contest in Zagreb (photo: Morgan Kristan / Sportida):


Outcast from Iceland, Ferris Wheel in Vienna

Similarly, Germany is in the first league group A, where France's world champion is in a better position. Poland and Iceland, who lost 0: 2 in a third-place national team of the World Cup in Belgium this year, are in the elite club. Struck twice Michy Batshuayi.

In League B, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina advance in Vienna, successfully led by the Slovak label "uncontrollable" Robert Prosinečki. The visiting team was very supportive in the Austrian capital. More than 15 thousand supporters from Bosnia and Herzegovina met in the stadiums of the Ernst Happel Stadium and the guests got the first place and promotion in League A. (0: 0).

How about EP 2020?

Through the League of Nations, four tickets will be available for the EP 2020. Regarding the qualification for the European Championship, the final tournaments in each league (A, B, C and D) will be decided in 2020. In the spring of 2019, qualification cycle for the EP 2020, in which ten teams will appear and direct participation in the Euro will offer the best teams in each group (20 in total). The raffle of qualified groups for the EP 2020 will take place on December 2 in Dublin. At that moment, the conclusion of a group of the League of Nations is already known.

League of Nations, fifth round

League A:

League B:

League C:

League D:

Prvigigaška events on Planet TV and Sportal

In the 2018/19 season, you can watch #PLTS for each round on a direct television broadcast on Planet and Planet 2. Planet 2 is broadcast by Goool! Mondo at eight hours on Monday, by Dani Bavec. You can read more about the schedule of games HERE.

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