Wednesday , May 12 2021

Check out where are the best public toilets in Slovenia

The most organized public baths are located in Koper, found by the Society of Chronic Inflammatory Disease, which every year gives the name of Naj javni stnišče. The Starina gasoline service has earned the name of the most well-equipped bathroom service in the service station. The members of the commission examined 80 public baths in the municipalities and 55 in service stations on the freeways.

During the year, members of the Commission transported 5,192 kilometers and visited 137 sanitary places throughout Slovenia. They assessed the accessibility, the arrangement, the access mark, the number of sanitary facilities, the sanitary facilities for the disabled, the equipment and the hygienic materials.

Who has the worst public baths?

Izola received a stick for public baths in the worst case. Among the recommended gas stations, OMV Fernetiči has the worst bathrooms decorated in the direction of the border with Italy.

Chairman of the evaluation commission of the action. Let's make a public bathroom Petra Leskovšek Lasetzky After ten years of evaluation, the municipality's response has improved. "We are still worried about the fact that up to 41 municipalities in 80 municipalities evaluated do not have public toilets, on the other hand, we are pleased that the municipalities they have are aware of their importance and care that they are organized," he added.

The problematic payload is the bathroom

Action coordinator Leave the public bath Danica Koren He said that in the filling stations the cleaner bathrooms are where there is a cleaner at all times. The roots problematize the payload of the toilet. "We believe that in this way access to the bathroom makes access difficult, so all these bathrooms have been evaluated with a rating of 1 for the payment / non-payment criterion," he explained.

The Society for Chronic Inflammatory Disease has more than 1550 members. They help people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. It is a conditioned immune disease that causes inflammation of the intestine or the entire digestive tract. The most frequent occurs between the ages of 15 and 35 years. In Slovenia, about 7,000 people face this disease.

The most common problems that accompany patients are the removal of slimmer and guided slimes, abdominal pain, cramps and urgent, frequent and rapid calls to mud. At the time of the onset of the disease patients have to go to the bathroom up to 30 times a day and therefore need constant and fast access to the baths.

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