Sunday , April 11 2021

Dangerous practices of social networks – (also) high expectations

"It's the best communication technology developed. There are promising revolutionary changes in entertainment, information and education." The BBC writes that the poet and playwright Thomas Stearns Eliot was on television: optimistic predictions talked about it, looking differently. "It's a fun way to promise millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, but they will still be alone."

When we adopt a technological innovation as a society, it is essential that we also recognize its negative consequences. Consider, for example, the use of social networks:

After a decade of operation, Facebook statistics are amazing. A good 1.3 billion users, of which more than half use us daily on an average of 18 minutes per visit. Facebook joins different family members displaced, friends from different age groups and people from different parts of the world. Add to this the power that the network has to spread ideas and help organize people who are protesting against something and think that Facebook is the best in the history of mankind. Network revisions are lost. However, its impact on users is not completely safe. The researchers point out that the ability to connect necessarily does not mean that people are happier or that can make them less satisfied with their lives.

Techno Star In this context, he also draws attention to the dangerous practices of social networks. Instead of waiting for Facebook to improve your image of yourself and your life with its power to unite people, it is the opposite.

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