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Federer on the privileges: now I can pass through the door

Roger Federer was in the semifinals in the final London match after defeating Kevin Anderson on Thursday. The Swiss revealed that he did not want to think of his 100th win of the tournament and also spoke of the privileges that tennis players have.

"Nobody can prevent me"

There are several players this week, among them Novak Djokovic and Aleksander Zverev, who spoke of the exhaustion. The German said it was "fun", how long is the season. Federer, who carefully selected the tournaments for a while, spoke about it on Thursday. In the last two years he left the season in the arena.

"One of the options is for the player and team to reflect on what are the priorities and how much they can withstand the body and the head and how much the player can travel. The good thing about tennis players is that they are not owned by the club. by the door and going on vacation, if you wish, nobody can prevent me. It's a great privilege for tennis players, "revealed one of the best players of all time.

Roger Federer

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Do not think about one hundred because he could be crazy

At the beginning of the week, Roger Federer did not say his best after losing his opening duel to Kei Nishikori. The Swiss managed to compete in the next tournament, winning the next two games and winning the first place in their group. With this, in all likelihood, he lost Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. Federer is just two more victories to get away from the ATP 100th ATP Tournament.

"Personally, I still do not think about a hundred and I will not let it come to my head. I could crash with enthusiasm and feel even more pressure. While Novak is in the tournament, he's playing tennis again, certainly not. next opponent. It could be Novak, but I doubt that he will be "he is a true Swiss who is pleased to be able to qualify for the semifinals.

Roger Federer

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There is still enough energy

The twenty-four times winner of the Grand Slam tournament is pleased that in the next two games he managed to raise his level of tennis. Federer has an extraordinary return in the final tournament. In 16 attempts, he scored 15 times in the semifinals, from which he managed to win six times in this prestigious tournament. Immediately after the duel with Anderson, a 37-year-old player said he still had enough energy for the next game.

"Regardless of the numbers, I think this is an exceptional tournament for players, I can only speak for myself, but I really would like to be part of this tournament. I'm always trying to have a rhythm that kept me energized this week. That's another so successful this week. It did not look like that before 72 hours, but I was able to go back and play a good tennis. "

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