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For nine million of only three people

Ljubljana: is the call of the Network of Centers of Arts and Culture of Investigation (MCRUK), worth nine million euros, determined even before the commission begins to work? At least as regards the eastern cohesion region, it seems that the applicant is only one in the region, namely: the Trbovlje Cultural Institute.

In Del, we have already presented a full competition for the Ministry of Culture and indicated the extremely short deadline for the application, especially because it required a very large and complex organizational structure for applicants and the formation of consortiums.

We also observe the ambiguity of the defined goals and the possibility of lobbying and contacts between the potential candidates and now the ex-minister They leave Prešičko, even before the contest was formally published on December 21 last year.

In the Ministry of Culture, such complaints were rejected, but today the expert committee is in the composition Vesna Jurca Tadel as president and members Igor Teršar in Staa Rauter the opening of incoming applications. There were only three, in the region of the western cohesion region, the Kersnikova Institute was registered, where the artistic leader Yuri Krpan, and the House of Experiments, where the director is Miha Kos. From the eastern cohesion region, only the Trbovlje Culture Institute, where it is still the director Zoran Poznic, if not, the candidate for the new Minister of Culture on the list of Social Democrats.

Of the three applications, only the role of the Kersnik Institute has been completed, the commission will require updates from the other two candidates. The time to complete is 60 days, then the evaluation process will begin and the final election will continue. The chairman and member of the committee were scattered today in comments, they only said that the number of candidates was expected.

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Since only one applicant is from the eastern cohesion region, the committee will only confirm the selection of the sole candidate in the event that the application is rescheduled. Within the Western Cohesion region, they will choose between two notifiers, but according to unofficial information, the Chamber of Experts should not comply with formal requirements that can only be named public and private institutions and associations in the field of culture, so the Kersnikova Institute also is an obvious favorite. It is also unusual that the institute provides all the necessary formal documentation, including that for which the remaining candidates received explanations from the competent offices and departments that do not have the right to issue these certificates and that they must order them to the Ministry of Culture.

It can also be complicated by the Trbovlje Institute of Culture. At the time of the announcement, Dejan Prešiček was still Minister of Culture, but after the final decision of the election fell, Zoran Poznič probably will execute the function. According to information from the Trbovlje Institute, Poznić will be dismissed from the position of director of the Institute, the municipality of Trbovlje, who is the founder of the Institute, is to nominate the director in office and then announce the contest for the new director.

The institute says that all the projects and agreements with the partners of the consortium were agreed at the time of the previous Minister of Culture, and also Bogdan Šteh, head of projects at the institute, believes that the fact that Poznič is subsequently qualified for the possible Minister of Culture should not play the role in the selection …

However, the fact that the role of the Tuberculosis Institute in the Ministry of Culture was presented on February 22 and that at that time the position of the Director with full authority was still exercised by Zoran Poznić, who will take up this position until the possible appointment for The minister and also was responsible person in the preparation of the request.

Although the Trbovlje Cultural Center was chosen automatically because there are no other candidates, the decision will be finally signed by the minister, so Minister Poznič will confirm the victory of the director of Poznič, and it is difficult to get rid of the impression of the conflict of interests.

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