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Hackers steal data from 14,000 HIV patients

In Singapore, there was an important hacking attack in which 14,000 people diagnosed with HIV, including foreigners, natives and, above all, many young people, are not satisfied with the data. Finally, the details of the piracy infiltration from 2016 finally came to an end. Apparently, he is responsible for the American attack with HIV positive, whose partner is a doctor in Singapore. An attack of hacking hackers took place a few months after more than 1.5 million files from Singapore singers were abused, including the files of Prime Minister Lee Hsies Loong.

In the last attack, data on names, titles, HIV status and other information should be included. Official authorities report that 5,400 residents in Singapore and 8,800 foreigners have been misused since they were registered in 2013.

Who is responsible for the attack?

The authorities believe that the attack hides the name of a 33-year-old boy from the United States who has been living in Singapore since 2008. Mikhy Farrera-Brochez (pictured) was sentenced and imprisoned in 2016 for the purpose of forging documents and drug trafficking, and was deported last year.

She talks about former partner Read Teck Sian, a former director of the Public Health Unit of Singapore National, who was accused of helping Farreri-Brochez lose medical records and hide the state of HIV. After writing the portal, Read must have given his blood instead of Farrer-Brochez to be able to enter the country. In a press release, the Ministry of Health accused Lera of being involved in fraud and did not cooperate with the authorities in the handling of confidential information. In 2016 it is only necessary to indicate that the United States has confidential information, but at the same time they thought that all the information was protected and taken by the local police.

A police spokesman said that on January 22 they were informed that Farrera-Brochez would still have an HIV record that contains confidential data of 14,000 patients. "I'm sorry that one of the old employees, who had all the authorizations to access confidential information in the HIV registry, violated the security rules or did not follow all the instructions given above," said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.

On Monday, ministry officials should try to remember "virtually everyone" currently resident in Singapore and all the people on the list, but they could contact only 900 people. A special line was established immediately, and the Ministry will provide advice and other possible services. Finally, the minister added that he believes that Farrera-Brochez is somewhere abroad, but he still does not know where. "There is still a certain percentage of opportunities to spread public information," said Mr. Chan.

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