Saturday , October 23 2021

In Gorenjska there is a source of drinking water threatened by more than 15 thousand people



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"A source of drinking water for more than 15 thousand inhabitants is in danger." They are so appalled to point out in the Bled Environmental Protection Society that they took trucks in the Mežakla area that circulate through Karst's sensitive surface soil, which also includes construction materials and dirt.

Excavation is carried out by a Kranj neighborhood construction company at the request of a nearby farmer who owns the land. You want to expand the farmland with cutting the forest and with the filling. But this farmer, due to intensive agriculture, is one of the culprits to contaminate the water source, which supplies water to four municipalities. Due to the rapid penetration of water and the new discovery of waste, environmentalists and locals are afraid of drinking water.

The owner of the land wants to expand the agricultural area, endangering an important source of drinking water.PHOTO: Channel A

The Inter-municipal Inspection of Jesenice warns that it would be necessary to extend the water protection zone to Mežakla to effectively protect water, thereby preventing the farmer from potential water threats.

The Ministry of the Environment has informed that the capture of Ovčja jama is located in the municipality of Gorje, for which a draft regulation is being prepared on areas of water protection. And in the recent flood of material, the Inspection of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environment and Land Management responded immediately to the request and the competent inspector carried out the inspection on April 9. The inspection procedure continues.

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