Monday , November 18 2019
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Internet from space in every corner of the Earth

The satellites will travel around the Earth to 1,200 kilometers. Photo: EPA

The satellites took the missile into space Soyuz, which was shot from a space center in Kourou, in French Guiana. They are circled around the Earth 1,200 miles in height and will provide a broadband Internet connection also in the most lucrative places in the Earth.

It is an ambitious project for the provision of an Internet connection from space by a US company OneWeb. At first, they should set up a network around 650 satellites and then to increase 900.

The project is in charge of the US company OneWeb, which has a contract for the launch of 21 missiles with Arianespace. Photo: EPA

OneWeb has a contract with Arianespace to launch 21 Soyuz missiles from Kourou. The company plans to launch several launches this year, every time the rocket has to carry more than 30 satellites in orbit.

As they provide, they need it for the global coverage of a network of less than 600 satellites. The first customer launches will begin in 2020 and global coverage will take place in 2021.

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