Tuesday , May 18 2021

Is this a prediction of beautiful times? EXCEPTIONAL ACTION FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF SLOVENIA (video)

The selected Slovenian species, led by Igor Benedejčič, fights against Norway, which would prolong the survival expectancy in division C of nations.

The Norwegians arrived in Ljubljana as the main band of group 3, who also made them a favorite in the negotiation of this day. In addition, the Norwegians won six times in the last eight accounts with the Slovenes and got married again and lost once.

The Slovenian squadron was in a duel with an element that never played together, but the children in the white jerseys did not prevent this from happening to avoid the first goal of the match. Already in the 9th minute, after the campaign, which included Andraž Šporar and Domen Črnigoj, the new captain Benjamin Verbič took the initiative with 1: 0.

You can see success HERE.

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