Tuesday , May 18 2021

PHOTO: Congress of International Liberal Capitalism

Ljubljana – Today, tomorrow and Sunday, Ljubljana hosts two hundred most influential entrepreneurs, (old) politicians and people from the academic and media world, working in the Trilateral Commission. As with the Trilateral Commission, there will be talks on a semi-detained door.

The Trilateral Commission was designed on the Atlantic. David Rockefeller, the first man of Chase Manhattan Bank, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, erudite and former advisor to the president Lyndon B. Johnson, they discussed the need to establish a forum that in some way connected to Western Europe, North America and Japan. Since 1945, after the defeat of World War II, Japan was excluded from international debates, at the same time, in the 1960s and 1970s it became an industrial superpower. The first meetings of the Trilateral Commission were that the gesture of the integration of Japan on the international stage was as clear as possible, taking place in Tokyo and Kyoto. Since its creation 45 years ago, the Trilateral Commission is considered one of the most influential economic and political networks in the world.

Today, it would be difficult to find a theory of decent conspiracy that does not attribute a special status to the Trilateral Commission. One of the conspiracy theories refers to the creators of the new world order, a similar theory on world government. Since the membership of the Trilateral Commission is public, the question of who is at the bottom of the organization is not sensible. The very essence of the organization is the same list of members of the European, American and Asian branches. And that's really fascinating. David Rockefeller, Trilateral's founder of last year, had, as he wrote in the necropologist New York Times, stores about 150,000 names with phone numbers or other contact details. Niall Ferguson, historian and biographer Henry Kissinger, you are in conversation about Saturday Attachment He said Kissinger, as the second major pillar of the Trilateral Commission, maintains a personal network comparable to Rockefeller's, but that Kissinger's catalog of contacts is less systematically prepared.

Browse the online publications of the Trilateral Commission that discussed at the organization's meeting on globalization in the 1970s, that is, about a decade before the term "globalization" became a spoken language. Leaving aside the presumption of the new world order and shadow government in the world, the fact is that the Trilateral Commission works in an economic space open since 1973 to address national borders, expand the areas of free trade and rise to the liberal version of capitalism.

Marjan Šarec and Mario Monti in the Trilateral Day of Ljubljana. PHOTO: Joze Suhadolnik

The lists of people attending the meetings provide a sufficient guarantee that the ideas of expanding the area of ​​liberal capitalism have changed in reality. To illustrate: in the administration of President Barack Obama there were eleven senior officials, who also had connections with the Trilateral Commission. Zbigniew Brzezinski, initiator of the establishment, was a national security advisor in the Jimmy Carter administration, but until last year he was considered one of the most influential members of the school of political realism. Jean-Claude Trichet, former head of the European Central Bank, now head of the European branch of the organization, must be mentioned in the European triangle. In the past, the trilateral European commission was directed, for example, by Mario Monti, the European Commission and the Italian Prime Minister.

Two decades ago, the then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NLB received the invitation to the Trilateral Commission Marko Voljč. President of the Board of Directors of Gorenje Franjo Bobinac It is a newcomer to the organization, but as a co-organizer of the Lublin meeting in the Trilateral Commission plays an important role.

Franjo Bobinac (in the photo in the middle) is a member of the Trilateral Commission since 2017. PHOTO: Jože Suhadolnik

If the Trilateral Commission has significantly contributed to eliminating barriers to the free movement of capital, there is no clear answer when analyzing the current strength of the organization. The fact is that, in the administration of the president Donald Trump There are no more influential people who are also connected to the Trilateral Commission. If David Rockefeller himself labeled himself proudly with an "internationalist" word somewhat ambiguous, Trump, with the motto of America, who is the first, does not belong to this political and economic doctrine. Trump is in favor of an isolationist politician, who has his echo in Central European countries in particular.

The question of how to act when the US closes. UU. It will be one of the issues discussed by the commission meeting in Ljubljana. The participants of the meeting will also wonder if democracy (liberal) can survive.

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