Saturday , April 17 2021

Romana Tomc in the traditional Slovenian breakfast in kindergarten Sunlight in Škofja Loka

Every third Friday of November we celebrate Slovenian food day, under which the Slovenian "Traditional Slavonic" project has been carried out in Slovenia for several years now. On this day, children in elementary schools and kindergartens have a healthy breakfast with food produced in the local environment.

MEP Roman Tomc joined this project this time, this time among the children in kindergarten Sončki žarek in Škofja Loka: "The traditional Slavonic Slovenian project is one of the positive projects. It is important to take into account the importance of breakfast in our There are still many people who skip breakfast, often due to lack of morning weather. "

Kindergarten children On this occasion, the sunbeam served with a special breakfast consisting of bread, honey, milk and apples. "Taking into account that children are hitting commercials every day that encourage the consumption of processed and sweet products, it is especially important to know the culture of healthy and homemade foods. Kindergartens and schools are a good place to To promote this culture, but it would be good if they continued with the same culture at home and that the apples would be back in the menu. Of course, many other healthy dishes are also available, "adds MEP.

"The vegetable that travels thousands of kilometers before our dishes arrive, definitely loses its nutritional value, not forgetting that the way is treated with preparations that retain its freshness. The salad of the field of a nearby peasant is certainly healthier. Not only that. When buying products from local manufacturers, we also support local suppliers and the offer itself, "concludes Roman MEP Tomc.

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