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The banks again irritate, with a replacement can save almost three hundred euros

Banks and savings banks increased prices for most payment services last year. The increases were higher in the traditional segments of services, such as non-revenue payments, and were lowered in the modern ones when electronic banking payments were made. Savings in the supplier's change are even greater than pre-paid and can reach up to 296 euros with a traditional customer.

Both the traditional client and e-client, the most expensive was the employment savings last year and the most expensive was for the traditional SKB customer and the NLB electronic client, the latest analysis carried out by the Bank of Slovenia on the compensation of 12 Banks and three savings banks for payment services, basket of these services.

The annual cost of the basket of services of the bank, measured in accordance with the methodology of the Bank of Slovenia (BS) and the Association of Consumers of Slovenia (ZPS), that is, in the Savings Bank of Employees for a Traditional Customer, amounts to 31, 85 euros (BS Basket). 47.64 euros (ZPS basket) and e-client 27.23 euros (BS basket) or. 37.56 euros (ZPS basket).

However, this cost for a traditional customer in SKB reached 169.71 euros (BS basket). € 343.32 (ZPS basket). For the electronic customer, the annual cost in the NLB was 56.23 euros (BS Basket). 95.16 euros (ZPS basket).

"The calculation shows that the traditional customer can save up to 295.68 euros (ZPS basket) or 137.86 euros (BS basket) per year by modifying the payment service provider, while the electronic customer up to 57.60 euros (ZPS basket) or 29 euros (BS basket), " they wrote

The difference is even greater for legal persons

In the segment of legal entities, the differences due to a significantly higher number of transactions and higher rates are even greater. Here, a legal person, as a traditional customer, saves up to € 945.26 per year changing the provider and an electronic customer up to € 362.10 per year.

In this segment, Vipava Primorska Savings Bank is the cheapest for both types of clients. The annual cost of the basket for the traditional customer is € 376.80 and for the electronic customer € 194.90. The most expensive one for the legal entity, which is a traditional customer, is the NLB, whose annual cost is 1322.06 euros, and for the legal entity that is e-client, it is the Sparkasse more expensive, whose annual cost is 557 euros.

Of the total of 21 service segment services analyzed, the average rates increased in 15 segments, decreasing in two segments, in four remaining unchanged. Most or the average remuneration of incoming payments by legal entities increased by 25 percent. The largest, that is, 8.7 percent, reduced the average compensation of internal payments of small credits by individuals through e-bank.

The central bank can not and should not directly influence the amount of bank charges. Each year, this analysis is prepared with the goal that everyone can compare data on the loading of individual services in banks and in accordance with their habits and / needs to find out which provider is cheaper for him.

The Bank of Slovenia supports the activities carried out by the SSP in this area. As they have recalled, the ZPS allows the comparison of banking services to individuals, and their comparators are available for free to all consumers on the ZPS website.


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