Saturday , October 23 2021

The Nomago Group was also accompanied by AP Rižana


"The incorporation of AP Rižana has a strategic meaning for the development of Nomag. Through Koper, which is an important geographic point in transport organization, we can now further coordinate and more effectively transport and operations in the region" said the chief executive of Nomaga, Brataševec.

The coordination of services through Koper will significantly facilitate the organization of the operations of the Nomago Group and will allow a more efficient approach to the important strategic markets in the coastal zone of Istria, where synergies will be created with the company Brioni Pula, also members of the Nomago group, announced today by the company.

AP Rižana, which began to appear on behalf of Nomag on May 1, even after its acquisition, maintains its headquarters in Bertoki and will operate within the Koper Business Unit. The founder of the family business, Branko and Martin Šav, remain in Nomag and the schedules and the fleet remain unchanged, which will later be updated by Nomago.

AP Rižana already had a well-covered network before Trieste, which will be reinforced by Nomago in the future. "We are expecting strong synergies with the Italian company Alibus International and the Croatian company Brioni, which we take this year. We will be one step closer to our goal of becoming the leading provider of mobility between Venice and Dubrovnik," said Bratasevec.

The company and brand Nomago are the companies Izletnik Celje, Avrigo Nova Gorica and Promet Mesec. Previously, Celje was accompanied by the company Koratur and Avrigo Nova Gorica by Integral Notranjska, Integral Kočevje and Integral Zagorje. In September, Nomag joined the STA travel agency, followed by the acquisition of the Italian transportation and transportation company Alibus International.

Nomago daily drives passengers to 49 Slovenian cities, and with their help, customers can travel practically anywhere in the world. In the first place, the company intends to offer individuals or groups of travel services that are always handy, personal and pleasant and adapted to the expectations of a modern digital society. There is also a lot of emphasis on environmental problems, for example, projects that include the integration of electric vehicles are under way.

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