Saturday , April 17 2021

The victim is looking for a full rescue operation all week, on Saturday in Krvavec

Klemen Musulin, 36, who was on his way from Krvavec to the valley on Saturday night (November 9), is still looking. "All of our activities are focused on tracking off faults, but we have not found so far," reported the Police Department of Kranj (PU). Apart from them, mountain rescuers, firefighters, rescue dog guides, as well as their family and friends were lacking. When the situation was allowed, a police helicopter was also used.

They will continue their activities today and tomorrow when they will conduct a very comprehensive search campaign in which they will check the entire Krvavec area with roads, roads, stairs and other rugged and dangerous trails. "

Therefore, there will be a temporary restriction of movement and access forbidden on Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 2 in the afternoon, from the lower station to the top station of the Krvavec telephone, 500 meters to the left and to the right of the gondola, on the top of Jezerci, on Ambrož towards the top station), at the low station of the cable car (east face Ambrož), Jezerc (east – to Kriška planina and to the side), Kriška planina (towards the tower).

"Police action will also apply to unmanned aerial vehicles, remote or autonomously controlled vehicles, or other comparable technical means. The danger will also be stoned on the paths that lead to Krvavec from Kokra. The presence in the place will only be provided to immediate relatives of the missing person Klemn, while others will appreciate their commitment, since we do not need more assistance at this time, "they told PU Kranj.

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