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Tim Gajser is again the best motorist in Slovenia

In the selection of the best biker sportsman in Slovenia in 2018, there was not much change in the upper part; As well as the most prestigious prize of last year, the recognition of the best in the country at the motorcycle motorcycle motorcycle (AMZS) ceremony in Ljubljana was won by the motocrosser Tim Gajser, the fourth of the world championship of the MXGP class.

For the best Slovenian motorcross, this is the fourth consecutive AMZS umbrella recognition; He was nominated for the title of world champion in the strongest class, last year was fifth, and three years ago he won the title of world champion in the weaker MX2 class.

"Each season is different and has different salaries, this year it was one of the worst injuries and in the second half I saw the right way, but there were still many reservations". I can still advance and recognize, of course, a motivation for the future "The main prizes said Gaiser.

In the traditional ceremony at the Ljubljana Festival, other athletes were received for their achievements in 2018. At the forefront were those with international achievements, and also won all national champions on freeways, motocross, cross country, minimot, scooter, carting and the trial.

Tim Gajser


Tim Gajser left only the world champion at the end of the season




Attendance too …

They also received awards to the organizers of the most important competitions in the field of motor sports in Slovenia and several state champions. Crystal helmets, a recognition of at least five titles, received a motorcross this year Luka Milec (five titles) e Tim Gajser (ten).

At today's event, AMZS has awarded numerous glasses and awards. The best of each industry is this year Janez Remse (racing speed racing), Miha Spindler (cross country), Primož Matelič (karting), Gajser (motokros), Matej Žagar (freeway) e Severin Sajevec (trial).

They have received special awards for international rankings Janez Remse in Leonard Mesojedec (both from motorcycle to road), Matej Žagar e Nick Scorpion (both Speedway) and a team of member races (Matej Žagar, Nick Škorja, Matic Ivačič), Tim Gajser, Luka Milec, Borut Koščak, Bogomir Gajser (all motocross) and juvenile motocross team (Jaka Osek, Gal Hauptman, Max Mausser, Jan Pancar) e Mai Sadar, Dimitrij Mlakar, Taj Kovačič, Nik Štefančič, Primož Matelič, Klemen Jug, Sebastjan Bergant, Mark Mramor in Anže Dovjak (all karting).

They received special recognition Dragan Predan For many years of work on motocross.

Matej Žagar


Invitation to the 2019 Grand Prix

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