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What were the first words of JANA MLAKAR in Brighton: "I can not count …" What promised to MARIBOR and what …

Jan Mlakar did not hide his enthusiasm when signing a contract with the English league. For the club's website, the first thoughts were taken.

"Everything happened very fast, two days ago, the agent told me that he wanted to buy me Brighton, I did not think much, accepted the offer. I am very happy that I am here. I know the club has a rich history and I saw mirrors you also have some of His recent matches. I know the club wants to move forward constantly, and that's perfect for me " he started an attacker of 20 years of age.
"Everything here is exceptional, I do not think I can count all the fields, I'm not used to it, I know that the players have the necessary resources to progress here. I still can not believe that I signed up for a good club, days to absorb everything together" Mlakar continued with a happy tone. "The game here will definitely be faster and more physical. There are stronger players here, in Italy, where I played before reaching Slovenia, the most important is tactics, the game is slower. The English game is very fast and the players Players are very low. " The talented attacker talked about the game on the island.
Even before he arrives for the first time, he is waiting for his return to Maribor, where he will play in the spring of the season as a lone solo player in Brighton. "In the next six months I will do my best to prepare for the preparations with Brighton. I will continue to train a lot and do the best in matches," he said. said Mlakar. And concluded: "Everything here is on the first level, I still can not believe. I want to score as many goals as possible. That's my only goal."

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He said his potential in Europe
Talking about the arrival of Jan Mlakar to Brighton spoke David Weir, that deals with the development of the soccer players in this English league. "We are delighted to be able to meet Jana in the club. She showed her potential in soccer member in Europe and is an exceptional long-term impetus for our club." said Weir and explained why in Brighton they will leave a Slovenian girl until the summer in Maribor: "Jan has a lot of experience as a young soccer player and we feel that for his development it would be better to go back to Maribor and there is another part of the season. He will continue playing in the top position of the club that plays at a high level and we will continue his progress at the end this season ".

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