Monday , May 10 2021

With Google Squoosh for better images

Google Squoosh image processing software can also be used without a web link.Google Squoosh image processing software can also be used without a web link.

For a long time, the World Wide Web has been one of the key players in our everyday life, since we can no longer imagine life without it. Therefore, the company is "incorrect" mainly Google, because it offers free use of online services, which greatly simplifies our most demanding tasks. At that time, it was proved that they were renewed with a computer giant online service Squoosh, which will be more satisfied by the developers and managers of websites. The novelty allows compression and transformation imagesIt also uses several codecs and can be used easily in many browsers, and most of the benefits of this are, for the sake of better compatibility, of course, users of the Google Chrome web browser.

A Google Squoosh reconstructed online service is available at and can be used as a web browser even without the presence of the World Wide Web. The use of this online service is very simple and supports a wide variety of formats such as JPG, MozJPEG, WebP and PNG. In addition, it allows to compare the final product with the original in real time, which allows the user to evaluate if the finished product is good.

When you are satisfied with the processed image, we just need to click on the "download" button and save the image to the memory of the personal computer. Since Google Squoosh is open source, we can contribute to its development by ourselves.

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