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Bandy World Cup: Sweden knows Kazakhstan in the semifinals

Kazakhstan won the quarterfinals against Norway with 4-1, after 1-1 on average. Rauan Isalijev scored the first two goals of Kazakh and played goalkeeper Jevgeny Sjadrin at 3-1.

When the best player in Kazakhstan accelerated the ball, the Norwegian defender had difficulty following. When Norway went to attack, the defense of Kazakhstan was well assembled.

– The game's image was exactly what we expected, says Kazakhstan coach Sergei In-Fa-Lin.

– We have aggressive qualities in some players. It was also clear that the boys wanted to win the game as a team. It was not only the sacrifice, it was also a disciplined game.

Sergei In-Fa-Lin himself was Russian National team man, and arrived in Sweden as a player in the 90s. He is now a coach for Åby / Tjureda, outside Växjö, who leads the Swedish Championship. That Kazakhstan would send a new and unused team to the World Cup did not know In-Fa-Lin until shortly before the championship.

– We meet the first time the day before the World Cup.

In-Fa-Lin invested in defense training position. Against Finland, Russia and Sweden. Result: All games lost with a margin of at least nine goals, totaling 2-53. Against Sweden, it became 1-22.

But the quarter-final victory against Norway, who won all the games in the second lower group 2, shows that Kazakhstan is right.

– It was the only rescue. We see that we can not rid any of these laws, says the federal captain.

He understands, of course, that it will be very difficult to win the Friday semifinal against Sweden.

– That match will be an extra for our players, says Sergei In-Fa-Lin.

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