Thursday , July 29 2021

Boeing redesigned a system that could cause a collapse

The investigation of what happened when an Indonesian Boeing 737 of the Lion Air airline fell to Javas Island on October 29, is now changing the focus because the accident could be caused by pilot errors or failures in individual technical systems on a new track, writes the newspaper.

Now show data The civil aviation security officials, Civil Aviation Administration officials and pilots that a new system to prevent a plane from moving forward later can also cause aircraft planes to be forced at such a steep angle that it can not be restored Write
Wall Street Journal or Tuesday.

The new system is available on the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 models. The crash plane was the Boeing 737 Max 8 and it would work for only 800 hours.

But the aircraft manufacturer He would not have informed that the system existed, the magazine writes with several pilots and security agents. And neither the pilots could practice.

It was not until November 7, more than a week after the accident, Boeing left and told about the new system.

"It does not make much sense to install a system on an airplane and not count the pilot, especially when it comes to controls related to how to fly the plane," said Capt Mike Michaelis, chairman of the Security Committee for the Allied Pilots Association.

Boeing, who does not He wanted to answer the questions from the Wall Street Journal, previously said that the new version of the Boeing 737 does not require pilots to review any new training on the simulators.

"We are Cursed in Boeing because they did not say to companies and pilots. What we need now is to make sure that there is nothing else that Boeing did not tell us," said Jon Weaks, president of the union of Southwest Airlines for the newspaper.

Everyone does not accept Boeing being in debt. An air security expert such as CNN spoke, David Soucie, said the new system was described in a manual that followed the new flight model. And when a similar problem occurred on a previous flight with a plan of the same model, the pilot responded correctly and solved the problem before the plane entered a dangerous position.

The accident may have It happened as the pilots reported problems with an on-board speedometer showing the wrong speed of the plane. This was also susceptible to changing the angle of the nose, which could bind the new system that pushed the nose. Some pilots do not seem to have changed. On the contrary, the planet continued with the 189 on board directly to the ocean.

According to the experts who spoke with the Wall Street Journal, pilots aboard the accident can only take a few seconds to avoid the disaster.

Currently there are 200 Max 8 and Max 9 airplanes running.

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