Tuesday , June 22 2021

Change of girl in Lund after suspicion of crime of hate – Omvärld

Eighty years passed from the crystalline night of Germany: a month passed since a row was on fire in Lund. Police investigate fire as a hatred of anti-Semitic signs. At home a person has been living in Jewish contexts and has already been subjected to threats and harassment.

Therefore, the Jewish Assembly of Malmö and the Jewish Center of Lund choose to pay attention to the memory of Kristallnatten only in Lund.

"Very worrisome"

Lund is a city that has so far escaped anti-Semitism at the level we saw in Malmö. We think it is very worrying. It can happen in Lund, it can happen anywhere, says Fredrik Sieradzki at the Jewish Assembly at TT.

This summer, it was tried to start a fire with a Jewish person in Lund. Events like this have caused the Swedish Jews to wonder if it is now time to move from Sweden, according to Sieradzki.

The insecurity is there. When such a thing happens, this feeling is again explosive and becomes more apparent. Some Jews have already made a decision and moved from Sweden, he says.

Demonstration in the cathedral

In a recent debate article, he raised the issue of protection of Swedish society. According to a survey conducted by the Jewish Central Council, police surveillance in synagogues and Jewish schools in neighboring countries is wider than that of Sweden, and Jewish parishes receive more contributions to their own security organizations.

After the change of killing in Lund, a demonstration was held in the cathedral where representatives from the Swedish Church and the Islamic Union in Malmö also participated, as well as a testimony to Kristallnatten.

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