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Helena von Zweigbergk's total injury

Inga-Lina Lindqvist makes a theological reading of "Total injuries"

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Helena von Zweigbergk, born in 1959, is a writer, journalist and program leader.

The founder of Christianity Paul wrote in a letter to the Romans that "for those who love God, everything works for the best."

Helena von Zweigbergks newly published total loss It's the sixth of a group of relationship novels that started Out of the mouth of the volcano. The books are independent but I see a reflective literary exploration, the question is exactly what? For a long time, I thought that the subject was the unwavering ability of the middle class to get rid of all possible catastrophes.

But after reading total loss I am ready to reconsider.

total loss It deals with problems of guilt, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Agneta is a middle-aged teacher who is married to Xavier. The rug is older and has already been removed. He has a tragic past as an opposition in the Argentine military tooth. Sweden became a quiet paradise. Agneta and her daughters adapted to the patriarchal behavior of Xavier and their special traumatic treatment to the eldest daughter whose mother was killed by the military.

The repeated and persistent life of the family is interrupted suddenly and brutally. I do not really want to show the action without sacrificing to all readers a co-experience of how simple everyday actions are combined and cause unpredictable consequences. It's exciting, dramatic and very well written.

Agneta takes a great debt. Xavier is not what consoles. It requires self-control and Agneta does not dare to protest. Who repents when Xavier's suffering is much greater? von Zweigbergk usually sleeps their characters. But why the horrible actions of Agneta and Xavier have such low consequences? Can not explain everything for a good occupational pension and a full home insurance?

If, instead, I interpret the novel from a theological and Lutheran perspective, he obtained an interesting understanding of the souls of the Swedish people.

The writing of Paul Romans 8:28 refers to the fact that life follows a plan betting on a higher consciousness. Some people are chosen to love kindness. For them, everything will work better, no matter what they find.

In the language of theology this is called the doctrine of predestination, predestination. Luther The inheritance is not at all, as many believe, the sense of duty and not, thanks to pressure. The inheritance is Luther's conviction that what saves us is not our good faith without faith alone. The correct configuration means more than the right actions.

von Zweigbergk began his fiction writing with a series of comics on a female prison priest and he can be Luther. Subtle and sensitive, it reflects the power of invisible but effective fidelity.

Agneta, Xavier and their daughters of registry make many mistakes, but they have a base of incredible value. Of equal and inclusive way, they shame the sanctity of the house, they seem the cheap porcelain and they reject the bitterness. That's why they are very sorry. Actually everything.

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