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Mice and people speak the same way. News

Singing mice belong to the genus Scotinomys with two species whose range extends from southern Mexico to northern Panama.

His song is extremely complex and includes hundreds of different high frequency tones.

They challenge rivals for duels with the song, a form of duos where mice ally at great speed and where the song of each mouse constantly changes in response to the song of the adversaries.

The researchers, led by neurologist Michael Long at the University of New York in the United States, note that the way in which the mourning of mice is similar to a rapid conversation between people.

Long and his colleagues, who relate their discoveries in Science, found that the song is controlled by nerve pathways in the motorized cerebral cortex. Some of these control the muscles that are necessary to produce the different tones of the song. Others control the rapid change between tones.

It probably works the same way with ourselves when we talk to each other. Researchers believe that the result can help us understand what is happening in the brain when something goes wrong and we can no longer talk, for example in the case of autism or stroke.

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