Thursday , October 28 2021

New WHO report: a strong increase in measles cases in the world


Mass vaccination against viral disease Since 2000, measles has saved 21 million lives worldwide, according to the report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Public Health Agency CDC, Centers for the control and prevention of diseases

However, in 2017 a strong tendency was observed, the number of infected people increased by more than 30 percent, which led to 110,000 deaths, according to the report.

"We did not have that reaction on an annual basis before," said James Goodson, Global Mässingsexpert at the CDC.

Why the new epidemics have different explanations.

"We see that there are armed conflicts and the vaccination staff has difficulty reaching the population, we see continuous and generalized explosions. These include Congo Kinshasa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. This means that there is a virus deposit that continues to live and spread to neighboring countries.

Resistance to the vaccine

In other places, such as Europe, North and South America, it is rather the dysfunction of the vaccine that causes the increase in measles. Terrible, thinks Goodson.

"In many ways, a change in science is seen. As a researcher, sometimes it is surprising, but we do everything we can to combat misconceptions and urges unsafe parents to talk with health professionals.

– Millions of vaccines are given annually. Then we know it is a very safe vaccine. The professions should be encouraged to remind mothers that measles is a serious illness that can lead to serious complications: pneumonia and cerebral inflammation and even deaths, according to him.

Those infected can also suffer from diarrhea and dehydration, ear infections and blindness. Children and adolescents who are malnourished and have weak immune systems are very sensitive, according to WHO.

China against power

The only region that occupies power is the Western Pacific region, including the countries of East Asia.

"There we see a record number in new cases by 2017. It is positive and largely due to China's commitment to eradicate measles and effort to make the measles vaccine available to all children," said James Goodson.

The measles is an extinct disease, like chicken pox. And disappearing the measles, the red dogs disappear when it comes to buying, when the measles vaccine is a combined vaccine.

"But there has been a struggle to get the resources to achieve the goal of eradication," says Goodson.

Early detection important

Routine vaccinations for small children, mass vaccination and follow-up campaigns are important legs in the fight against the disease.

– To know quickly the measles is important to quickly insert interventions with vaccinations in areas with outbreaks. If you do not have high quality measles monitoring, it will be difficult to respond rapidly to outbreaks.

Goodson, on the other hand, does not think that mandatory vaccinations are necessarily a good idea.

"It is important to respect the free options of people. But I think the laws that control if you are vaccinated to start school are good and it was one of the most important strategies in the United States that led us to eradicate measles in the United States. Last case (internal) in 2000, he says.

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