Sunday , February 28 2021

Norrbotten is strong despite a decline

At present, the Norrland Foundation presents the Business Surveyometer in cooperation with the SCB. Despite a fairly large decline last year, the economic situation in Norrbotten is stronger than normal

– The economic perspective for Norrbotten shows +28, which is stronger than normal. The construction industry progressed, while the situation in the industry was undergone, "says Katja Lepola, Norrlandsfonden.

"The situation is stronger than normal in all the countries of Norway. Compared to the very strong situation in the barometer of last year, it is expected a slight fall in the fall of 2018 in the spring. After a strong increase of Ifjol, the construction industry is experiencing a boom, but the engineering industry also entered the boom and had the strongest economic climate since 2007, says Katja Lepola, Norrlandsfonden.

The industrial activity is strong in Norrbotten

Industrial activity fluctuated sharply in recent years. The index rose to +66 last fall and decreased during the year's measurement in 34 units to +32. However, this means that the situation is stronger than normal. The companies experienced a slight increase in production in the first half of this year, but the result shows that production decreased in place, as six out of ten companies indicate a decrease in production. In the second half of the year, production is under way and more than half of companies point to higher production.

Increase in construction

The economic index of the North Brabant construction industry will reach +27 in the autumn survey, compared to last year's +12 result, which means that the situation is now clearly stronger than normal. Construction increased sharply during the year.

A slight negative trend in the trade of peculiarities

For the trading of oddities in Norrbotten, the cyclical index landed at -2 in the barometer of the year after a slight decline last year. Three quarters of the companies consider that the economic cycle is satisfactory. Sales volumes were developed very strongly during the first half of the year, but a more modest increase is expected during the second half of the year. In spring, the cyclical perspective seems to weaken a little more.

The Survey Survey of Companies of Norrland is based on a postal survey of around 1,000 companies in the following main sectors: industry, construction, retail, automotive, transport and logistics, real estate, business services, IT services and tourism. The survey, which gives one The overall image for the Norrland set was also divided into 5 counties of Gävleborg, Västernorrland County, Jämtland County, Västerbotten County and Norrbotten County. Autumn measurements – where company responses were collected during September and early October – see the results for the first half of 2018, a zero classification description for this year's autumn and a year forecast for the first half of 2019.

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