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Norrköping defeated Häcken in the last round of Allsvenskan 2018

They took the three necessary points and Häcken added the first team defeat in the season. 65 points were not enough for the total gold this time, but there were not many sad mines when the thousands of confidence fans of IFK Norrköping celebrated the winners of the great silver and two players that meant more than most of the club's greatest hits.

White-blue fans would never stop singing the name of Andreas Johansson and Daniel Sjölund.

"Of course you feel sad and I will lose you a lot, but I know you made the right decision," said Andreas Johansson, who wrote for Halmstad's BK.

Sjölund, who moves to his house For Mariehamn in Åland, he accepted the gratitude of a club that, despite losing almost all the gold team from 2015, gave AIK a fierce game for the title to the end.

Norrköping needed the victory at the same time, a hand from Kalmar. and when Simon and Simon combined in the first semester attack, Beijing was just a golden goal. Simon Thern retired from Häcken defense and served Simon Skrabb, who put 1-0 on and switched the jump. But when the Norrköping players sat down in the locker room, AIK took the initiative in Kalmar and suddenly felt the title away.

Thern soon congratulated his former teammates.

"The AIK was so stable throughout the season and it was hard to believe they would lose in Kalmar. In the end, both points were better than us and it's just to congratulate, believing in a bright future for East Guards.

"Norrkoping has acquired a good platform, which means we can have good players here and I'm not in a hurry," said Thern.

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Coach Jens Gustafsson was another who congratulated the team of the champions and found that Norrköping had the margins on his side several times, which meant that the gold fight lived in the last.

"But we are very proud of what he achieved at IFK Norrköping this season. To score 65 points he's very well done, said Gustafsson and found that it is a punctuation sum that is usually enough for gold.

Coverage made the best to stop Norrköping in the gold t-shirt, but he was honored both in the goals and in the scales for the first time at home this year. The team was forced to finish with just nine players after Juhani Ojala and Paulinho got the second yellow card in the last minutes.

Judge Martin Strömbergsson judged that Paulinho filmed in a combat battle in the penalty area while the Brazilian said he was convinced that it was a punishment. He had to console himself to become a Swedish shooter with 20 hits.

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