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Prison current for murderers | Aftonbladet

Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

The woman disappeared from her home in May 2017. The following year, the remains were found in a forest area in Västerås. Stock Photo


The 54-year-old man who was charged with the murder of a 57-year-old woman in Västerås did not have any serious mental disorder at the time of the event. It shows a statement from the Swedish National Forensic Medicine Board (RMV), which conducted a forensic psychiatric examination on the man.

There are also no medical conditions for man to be given forensic psychiatric care, according to the statement.

The provincial court in Västmanland has previously stated that it considers that evidence against the man is convincing, but decided that he should go through an investigation before the trial can be reached. The declaration of RMV means that the man can be sentenced to imprisonment.

The 57-year-old woman was reported missing from her house in May 2017 and the suspicions were directed against the 54-year-old, with whom she had a relationship.

According to the processing, the man killed the woman in her house, then cut and moved the body to a forest area in Västerås. The remains were found during last spring and summer.

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