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Re-evaluating the Melody Festival – for children – Culture & Fun

The ep: n "Ideal and life" assumes the place where "Move in the clouds" finished. It began with what Antell God describes as a pretentious idea: releasing an ep trilogy instead of a full album. Even his current life situation affects the way he launches music.

I am a child, and then the short looks are very nice to me. I think I'm doing an epic at the same time, so we'll see where it's barking, "says Antell, laughing.

The title track is basically a relationship text about him and his girlfriend. In his epistle, he also writes to a friend to sing the international on May 1 to vote for SD – and in the song "Thinking about money" he found a fun side of himself.

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The song entitled "Ideal and Life" is, among other things, about showing a splendid reality to the outside. "I think a lot about how all my friends and I am socializing more in social networks than in reality. You also know that it is a diminishing image that appears on social networks that do not need to reflect how the person feels real," says Love Antell.

You can not think when you listen to my music, but I think there is a lot of humor in my lyrics and "Thinking of Money" is a very fun song for me. When you sang the song "Everyone's fucking up with your hands", it's almost a bit "can you write a bad line of text?" He says.

Bad bag with lock times

When he returns to his old Valentine's dishes from Florence, he feels the same.

I do not even think I felt like a humorist, but maybe it's because I'm working to make myself as serious as possible all the time, he says.

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Love Antell opens its second epic this year, "Ideal and Life." "I have a great idea to make a trilogy," he says.

Florence Valentin is behind successes such as "Poker Night in Spring Town Farm", Spring Ricco and Up on Social and Down the System. The band went out to sow again to remove the baton. The band left the country, wrote music and, in the future, there will be at least one, perhaps more songs with Florence Valentin.

It was like finding an old jacket with the wind, "Damn this crafty old jacket I've forgotten." Then I understood by myself that I had an old painting bag where I drank the old ideas of Florence Valentin that I did not use, he says.

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Love Antell is updated with new music. "Ideal and life" is its second hit release this year.

"Do not compete in music"

The grandsons and paternity have affected the music of Love Antell in more ways than it takes more time to write songs. He began re-evaluating past self-explanations in life.

I was invited by Christer Björkman a few weeks ago if I wanted to participate in the Melodifestival. I felt that "I can not do it" because one of my ideals is not compete in music. At the same time, I know that my eldest boy loved to join you, so I needed a few days of reflection before I resigned. If I can re-evaluate the Melody Festival, I've got deep notes and I'm sure I will be in a context just like this because of the children, "says Antell.

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