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Reduction of worried firefighters – Uppsala

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Both full-time and part-time firefighters became less in Sweden, meanwhile the population as well as the risk of fires increased. Västmanlandsbranden 2014 and Ljusdalsbranden 2018 are just some examples of the situation that you notice.

In 2000, there were a total of 11,770 firefighters in Sweden. In 2017, the figure fell to 10,555 and in Uppsala County, 578 firefighters were 513 during the same period. According to an analysis by the Swedish Confederation of Nations, the number of firefighters decreased by one fifth, while the population increased by a fifth, from 294 to 196 to 374 to 613 people.

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Photos during the extinction work in Ljusdalsbranden in the summer of 2018 when Uppsala helped the local emergency services in Hälsingland.

It is statistically not so alarming for county operations, but emergency services cooperate on county borders. Uppsala firefighters, for example, help in events in Västmanland, Gästrikland and Stockholm. And during the summer of 2018, the rescue service of Uppsala was even in Hälsingland.

According to Christer Nyberg, an analyst at the Brandmännen National Union, the reduction of full-time firefighters is worrying, but worse still are part-time firefighters.

"As it is seen now, there are 25 part-time firefighters in Uppsala that are missing to fill the stations," he says.

But it is still far from being an ideal number of firefighters to deal with holidays, vacations and casualties due to illness.

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The devastation of forest fires in Sweden during the summer of 2018 when thousands of hectares of forest burned.

– In total, another 53 firefighters would be needed for a healthy preparation, says Christer Nyberg.

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