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Serious deficiencies in diabetes care – Linkoping news

Debate The care of people with type 2 diabetes is not currently close to achieving the objective levels established by the National Health Council. This is very serious and we do not see any signs of an increase in real ambition. Half a million people in Sweden have Type 2 diabetes and hundreds of thousands have the disease without knowledge of it. Even more people have a precursor, pre-diabetes calls. All of these are at risk of serious complications due to the deficiencies we can observe in diabetic care.

Result from The ongoing inquiry carried out by the patient, The Diabetes Ball, which we carry out with the Netdoktor patient portal, shows, among other things, that, for seven out of ten, the illness was accidentally discovered, for example, in relation to a health check health center or corporate health. Here is a great improvement potential. Simple blood sugar tests could be offered to people at risk. If they had a prior diagnosis, a great deal of suffering can be avoided, while the cost of care would be diminished.

Another result It's remarkably few patients have examined their feet. It is very clear in the guidelines of the National Health Council that they are all offered an annual survey. The reason is that damaged blood vessels cause loss of feelings, hurt injuries and, finally, amputations. But the current development goes bad, and less the survey is offered. In our patient survey, only 58 percent had received extensive research last year. Here in Östergötland, the figure was 72 percent, which is far from the goal of the National Health Council of 99 percent.

Why not offer? Everyone with diabetes in Östergötland has an annual standing survey, which in the long run can be very important? Are there structural barriers or do they have primary care to have time or resources for this simple measure that is a direct requirement in the guidelines?

A third result They concern self-esteem, that is, the part of the care provided by the patients themselves. This is, for example, continuous measurement of blood glucose, insulin injections, medication dose adjustments, and food control and physical activity. For this to work, training is necessary. Here, the guidelines stipulate that all those with type 2 diabetes should have a patient training in a group. But only 18 percent stated in the survey they were offered. In Östergötland, the figure was as low as 12 percent.

Now it is necessary to do healthcare In Östergötland take the strength to improve the care of people with diabetes. The results that we can see in the survey are that, for many people, they are at risk of having serious complications such as serious cardiovascular diseases, eye damage, kidney damage and amputations due to inadequate care. Absolutely unnecessary.

Give people with diabetes A greater influence on their treatment, they offer modern diabetics, provide medical assistance and train lifestyle changes. Nowadays, outdated treatments are used too often so that people with diabetes often leave with some leaflets in their hands. Often with the admonition that "now he starts taking care of you." We can never accept this as a patient's representative.

Thomas Magnusson and Katarina Bergshem, Diabetes Organization in Sweden

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