Friday , June 18 2021

Shopping – soon a memory? – News

Humans are not as rational as we think, explains Kristensson, professor of consumer psychology at the University of Karlstad, and shopping is a good example of this.

We think it makes us happy, although the research shows that it is not correct. We will only be happier for a while but soon we will return to the same level, he says.

However, purchase records are prohibited from purchase records. And despite warnings about the disadvantages of consumption in the form of existential environmental and void destruction, it continues.

"Give us an excuse"

According to Kristensson, the so-called principles of justice have to do. The marketing offers us the opportunity to buy things that we really know we do not need: to share this good work.

In days like Black Friday, it is especially the center of attention.

Give us an excuse, and then we will arrive because we are trained to do it, "says Kristensson, giving an example:

You can have a pair of whites and a pair of blue shoes, but the whites have been on sale and then you're fine that you think.

At the same time, he believes that, despite the purchase record, the consumer unit is soon a memory.

Border trend

Parallel to this, progress is being made in reducing consumption and increasing awareness. Weekends without shopping are becoming more common.

This behavior is a legacy of industrial society. During the 1950s there was a strong emphasis on consumption, everyone wanted to own their car and drink Coca Cola this weekend, Kristensson says.

But I think that what we are going through now is the last wave. That when we enter the post-industrial era and more intensive in knowledge, we will start to look for other types of experiences.

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