Sunday , July 25 2021

Stop on Traffic Traffic – NWT

Because a train damaged a contact line in Väse outside of Karlstad, it is from Friday 6:30 pm a total stop in traffic between Karlstad and Kristinehamn. It also affects train traffic to Stockholm. According to the Swedish Transport Administration, traffic can not be resumed before 22 hours.

Some parts of the train were left in the airline after the accident.

Photo: Dagsmedia

The Swedish Transport Administration called emergency services to Väse to organize a protective land so that the personnel in the place could work safely with the correction of the fault.

– The strength of Väse is there, as well as a Karlstad car that will make the protection ground, says Nils Weslien, emergency rescue officer waiting on 19.45.

At age 21, the rescue service was ready.

– Nils Weslien is the Swedish Transport Administration and Infranord.

According to the Swedish Transport Administration, the power failure is because a train damaged a line of contact.

– I do not know exactly where the failure occurred, but there should have been several trains on the route, says Camilla Hult, a press agent of the Swedish Transportation Administration.

The following stations are affected by the electrical fault.

Katrineholm, Flemingsberg, Flen, Gnesta, Huddinge, Järna, Mölnbo, south of Stockholm, Stuvsta, Södertälje S, Årstaberg, Älvsjö, Stockholm C, Väse, Charlottenberg, Karlstad, Arvika, Degerfors, Edane, Fagerås, Högboda, Kristinehamn, Kil, Välsviken, Åmotfors and Laxå

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