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The story of the Christmas Eve review by Karl-Bertil Jonsson

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The story of Christmas Eve by Karl-Bertil Jonsson
Scale Theater, Stockholm. Director Anna Vnuk, with Henrik Dorsin, Anton Lundqvist, Vanna Rosenberg, Peter Dalle, Katrin Sundberg, Andreas Rothlin Svensson.

We are many of us who love the timeless saga of Tage Danielsson.

That is, and much more. Wonderful playful and heartbreaking.

Henrik Dorsin, today Hasseå Tage, wrote letters that reflect the old goddess against Sweden today. Anton Lundqvist is perfect at the forefront of a strong group.

The whole of the Scalate Theater is true to Tage Danielsson's novel, which has become a 23-minute animated short film, shown on SVT every Christmas Eve. He is also faithful By Åhlins The visual world of the movie, and Åhlin was here. And take advantage Gunnar Svensson Wonderful song theme, where newly written songs Bagge Street It has the same mixture of jazz and evergreens.

Henrik Dorsin is the narrator who captures the audience directly with an entertaining presentation. I will not steal a joke quoting – but it's very, very funny. Driving yourself.

As the narrator begins the saga, which is played by a versatile set. Anton Lundqvist, captures exactly Karl-Bertil, a 14-year-old boy, well-intentioned, all the others appear in several drawings. Rich a scene, neglected in the next. Vanna Rosenberg It is very good as the child's pain mother, but also in a branch of other roles.

The story follows Tage Danielsson's reply response. Karl-Bertil is the son of the rich proprietor of merchandise Tyko Jonsson (brilliant Peter Dalle) and works during Christmas vacations by ordering packages. The idol of Karl-Bertil is Robin Hood. He wants to take the rich and give the poor. Thus, Karl-Bertil robs the packages of the rich of Stockholm to be able to share the roar and the needy of the city.

Henrik Dorsin wrote many numbers of songs that allow updates. He is doing the best together with Anton Lundqvist and tries that in today's Sweden like Karl-Bertil they would rob packages that have more than they need. There are IT billionaires and fundraisers, GW Persson e Bianca Ingrosso. "A package for Zlatan We give any poor satan, "Dorsin poems.

They also dance in funny choreography. Here are many fun songs with physical comedy. Who wants to leave the gospel? Also available.

The saga of Tage Danielsson has a good heart and a key question in the commercial hysteria that is celebrated in the Christmas celebrations. Dorsin takes the thread phenomenally.

This set is endowed with many ways. Can you expect a new Christmas tradition?

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